Our Work

The Empowered Women Brunch is an educational and networking group for women who are invested in enhancing their personal and professional lives. Each month we gather with a guest speaker who leads the group on a variety of topics, such as careers, relationships, finances, and physical and mental health.

Originally created in 2018 for women in the Washington, DC area, the Empowered Women Brunch expanded to Los Angeles in January 2020 and online in April 2020. Click here to see our entire event listing.

Our Team

Rachel Kozy, Founder

Rachel Kozy

Rachel Kozy is passionate about teaching people how to become the best version of themselves. When she moved to the DC area in 2017, after three years living and working in Europe, she was apprehensive about starting over. Fortunately, she immediately met several groups of amazing women who were eager to invite her into their social circles. She spent several months connecting with as many women as possible and listening to their personal stories. During one of these many conversations she had a revelation: “What if I could bring all these amazing groups of women together in one room where we could learn and grow together?” This idea inspired her to create the Empowered Women Brunch group, with the mission to connect like-minded women invested in becoming the best versions of themselves.

Rachel is a world traveler and self-proclaimed nerd. She moved to Los Angeles in 2019 and is pursuing her Executive MBA at UCLA Anderson, where she serves as president of the class of 2021. Rachel’s educational background incorporates human physiology, bioenergetics, and a Masters of Public Health from Johns Hopkins University. Rachel served in the US Navy as a Healthcare Administrator specializing in medical logistics and worked as Strategy and Operations Consultant for Deloitte. She now works as a veteran advocate and is committed to helping service members make a successful transition to civilian life.  She also serves on the Board of Directors for Warrior Rescue, a 501(c)(3) that assists veterans with mental health, housing and job placement. Additionally, Rachel is a lover of classical arts and serves on the Board of Directors for Lyrica Classic, a global nonprofit that allows undiscovered music to find the recognition it deserves.

Connect with Rachel on LinkedIn here.

Lynn Bresnahan, Director of Operations & Logistics

Lynn Bresnahan

Lynn Bresnahan is an engineer with thirteen years of experience at Kimberly Clark. She excels at designing cultural strategy to substantially improve productivity and efficiency, as well as building engaging and enabled teams. Having worked in the intimate care business for years, she is the proud patent holder for a dispensible moist wipe. Lynn has a BS in chemical engineering and will complete her MBA from UCLA Anderson in 2021.  Connect with Lynn on LinkedIn here.

We are always looking for new members and sponsors! If you would like to connect,  please email Rachel at info@empoweredwomenbrunch.com.